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Kolkata Pincode / Post Office Search (KOLKATA, West Bengal)

A.J.C.Bose Road S.O 700020KolkataWest Bengal
Ahritola S.O 700005KolkataWest Bengal
Alambazar S.O 700035KolkataWest Bengal
Archana S.O 700007KolkataWest Bengal
Ashokegarh S.O 700030KolkataWest Bengal
Asylum Lane S.O 700014KolkataWest Bengal
Badartala S.O 700044KolkataWest Bengal
Baghajatin S.O 700086KolkataWest Bengal
Baghbazar S.O 700003KolkataWest Bengal
Bakery Road S.O 700022KolkataWest Bengal
Ballygunge RS S.O 700019KolkataWest Bengal
Ballygunge S.O 700019KolkataWest Bengal
Bamboovila S.O 700014KolkataWest Bengal
Barabazar H.O 700007KolkataWest Bengal
Baranagar S.O 700036KolkataWest Bengal
Barisha S.O 700008KolkataWest Bengal
Bartala S.O 700018KolkataWest Bengal
Beadon Street S.O 700006KolkataWest Bengal
Bediapara S.O 700077KolkataWest Bengal
Behala S.O 700034KolkataWest Bengal
Belgachia Road S.O 700037KolkataWest Bengal
Belgachia S.O 700037KolkataWest Bengal
Bengal Immunity S.O 700036KolkataWest Bengal
Bhawanipore S.O 700025KolkataWest Bengal
Bidhan Sarani S.O 700006KolkataWest Bengal
Bidhangarh S.O 700066KolkataWest Bengal
Bijoygarh S.O 700032KolkataWest Bengal
Bonhooghly S.O 700030KolkataWest Bengal
Bosepukur Road S.O 700042KolkataWest Bengal
Brace Bridge S.O 700088KolkataWest Bengal
Chetla S.O 700027KolkataWest Bengal
Cmda Abasan S.O 700054KolkataWest Bengal
Colootola S.O 700073KolkataWest Bengal
Cossipore H.O 700002KolkataWest Bengal
Customs House S.O 700001KolkataWest Bengal
Deshbandhu Road S.O 700035KolkataWest Bengal
Dhakuria S.O 700031KolkataWest Bengal
Dharmatala S.O 700013KolkataWest Bengal
Dover Lane S.O 700029KolkataWest Bengal
Dumdum Road S.O 700074KolkataWest Bengal
Dumdum S.O 700028KolkataWest Bengal
Durganagar S.O 700065KolkataWest Bengal
E.K.T S.O 700107KolkataWest Bengal
Elliot Road S.O 700016KolkataWest Bengal
Esplanade S.O 700069KolkataWest Bengal
Fort William S.O 700021KolkataWest Bengal
Ganguly Bagan S.O 700047KolkataWest Bengal
Garcha Road S.O 700019KolkataWest Bengal
Garden Reach S.O 700024KolkataWest Bengal
Garfa S.O 700075KolkataWest Bengal
Garia BT S.O 700047KolkataWest Bengal
Gariahat Market S.O 700019KolkataWest Bengal
Ghugudanga S.O 700030KolkataWest Bengal
Girish Avenue S.O 700003KolkataWest Bengal
Gokhel Road S.O 700020KolkataWest Bengal
Golf Green S.O 700095KolkataWest Bengal
Golpark S.O 700019KolkataWest Bengal
Haltu S.O 700078KolkataWest Bengal
Haridevpur S.O 700082KolkataWest Bengal
Hastings S.O 700022KolkataWest Bengal
Hatkhola S.O 700005KolkataWest Bengal
Health Institute S.O 700065KolkataWest Bengal
Hyde Road S.O 700088KolkataWest Bengal
Indian Research S.O 700002KolkataWest Bengal
Indrani Park S.O 700033KolkataWest Bengal
Intally S.O 700014KolkataWest Bengal
ISI Po S.O 700108KolkataWest Bengal
Jadavgarh S.O 700078KolkataWest Bengal
Jawpore S.O 700074KolkataWest Bengal
Jayshree Park S.O 700034KolkataWest Bengal
Jessore Road S.O 700080KolkataWest Bengal
Jhowtala S.O 700017KolkataWest Bengal
Jodhpur Park S.O 700068KolkataWest Bengal
Joramandir S.O 700010KolkataWest Bengal
Jorasanko S.O 700006KolkataWest Bengal
K.C.Mills S.O 700024KolkataWest Bengal
K.G Bose Sarani S.O 700085KolkataWest Bengal
K.M.Hospital S.O 700020KolkataWest Bengal
K.P.Roy Lane S.O 700031KolkataWest Bengal
Kalabagan S.O 700053KolkataWest Bengal
Kalakar Street S.O 700007KolkataWest Bengal
Kalighat S.O 700026KolkataWest Bengal
Kalikapur S.O 700099KolkataWest Bengal
Kalimandir S.O 700026KolkataWest Bengal
Kasba S.O (Kolkata) 700042KolkataWest Bengal
Kasthadanga S.O 700061KolkataWest Bengal
Kendriya Vihar S.O 700052KolkataWest Bengal
Keoratala S.O 700026KolkataWest Bengal
Khengrapatti S.O 700001KolkataWest Bengal
Khiddirpore S.O 700023KolkataWest Bengal
Kolkata Airport S.O 700052KolkataWest Bengal
Kolkata Mint S.O 700053KolkataWest Bengal
Kolkatta G.P.O. 700001KolkataWest Bengal
Kuthighat Road S.O 700036KolkataWest Bengal
L.R.Sarani S.O 700020KolkataWest Bengal
Lake Gardens S.O 700045KolkataWest Bengal
Lake Market S.O 700029KolkataWest Bengal
Lansdowne Market S.O 700025KolkataWest Bengal
Lily Biscuit S.O 700067KolkataWest Bengal
Linton Street S.O 700014KolkataWest Bengal
Madrassa S.O 700016KolkataWest Bengal
Mall Road S.O 700080KolkataWest Bengal
Manicktala S.O 700006KolkataWest Bengal
Mansatala S.O 700023KolkataWest Bengal
Middleton Row S.O 700071KolkataWest Bengal
Mominpur S.O 700027KolkataWest Bengal
Mukundapur S.O 700099KolkataWest Bengal
N.R.Avenue S.O 700053KolkataWest Bengal
Nagerbazar S.O 700028KolkataWest Bengal
Naktala S.O 700047KolkataWest Bengal
Netaji Colony S.O 700090KolkataWest Bengal
New Alipore S.O 700053KolkataWest Bengal
New Market S.O 700087KolkataWest Bengal
Northern Avenue S.O 700037KolkataWest Bengal
Ordnance Factory S.O 700028KolkataWest Bengal
P.G.Reach S.O 700024KolkataWest Bengal
Paikapara S.O 700002KolkataWest Bengal
Panchanantala S.O 700034KolkataWest Bengal
Panchasayar S.O 700094KolkataWest Bengal
Park Street H.O 700016KolkataWest Bengal
Parnasree Pally S.O 700060KolkataWest Bengal
Paschim Barisha S.O 700063KolkataWest Bengal
Paschim Putiari S.O 700041KolkataWest Bengal
Pathuriaghata S.O 700006KolkataWest Bengal
Pgh Shah Road S.O 700032KolkataWest Bengal
Princep Street S.O 700072KolkataWest Bengal
Purba Sinthee S.O 700030KolkataWest Bengal
Radha Bazar S.O 700001KolkataWest Bengal
Raja J.N.Market S.O 700023KolkataWest Bengal
Rajabagan S.O 700028KolkataWest Bengal
Ramkrishna Park S.O 700025KolkataWest Bengal
Regent Estate S.O 700092KolkataWest Bengal
Regent Park S.O 700040KolkataWest Bengal
Russa S.O 700040KolkataWest Bengal
Russel Street S.O 700071KolkataWest Bengal
S.R.F.T.I. S.O 700094KolkataWest Bengal
Sahapur S.O 700038KolkataWest Bengal
Sahitya Parisad S.O 700006KolkataWest Bengal
Santoshpur S.O 700075KolkataWest Bengal
Sarat Bose Road S.O 700029KolkataWest Bengal
Sarsoona S.O 700061KolkataWest Bengal
Satchasipara S.O 700002KolkataWest Bengal
Seal Lane S.O 700015KolkataWest Bengal
Senhati S.O 700034KolkataWest Bengal
Sethbagan S.O 700030KolkataWest Bengal
Shyambazar Mail S.O 700004KolkataWest Bengal
Simla S.O 700006KolkataWest Bengal
Sinthee S.O 700050KolkataWest Bengal
Sirity S.O 700041KolkataWest Bengal
Sonai S.O (Kolkata) 700043KolkataWest Bengal
Sooterkin Street S.O 700072KolkataWest Bengal
South Sinhee S.O 700050KolkataWest Bengal
Southern Market S.O 700026KolkataWest Bengal
Strand Road S.O 700007KolkataWest Bengal
Subhas Nagar S.O 700065KolkataWest Bengal
T.C.Road S.O 700033KolkataWest Bengal
T.G.Road S.O 700024KolkataWest Bengal
Tala S.O (Bankura) 700002KolkataWest Bengal
Taratala Road S.O 700088KolkataWest Bengal
Telecom Factory S.O 700088KolkataWest Bengal
Telephone Bhawan S.O 700001KolkataWest Bengal
Thakurpukur S.O 700063KolkataWest Bengal
Tiretta Bazar S.O 700073KolkataWest Bengal
Tollygunge H.O 700033KolkataWest Bengal
Ultadanga S.O 700004KolkataWest Bengal
Vaishya Sabha S.O 700007KolkataWest Bengal
Watgunge S.O 700023KolkataWest Bengal
Yogayog Bhawan S.O 700012KolkataWest Bengal

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.